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Meet the Staff at Jones Insurance Service Ltd.

The highly experienced and professional team of Moncton Insurance brokers at Jones Insurance Service Ltd are committed to finding the right insurance policy, carrier, coverage and terms to meet your personal or business insurance needs.

Whether you need to obtain coverage for a new acquisition or want to shop around for a better rate, our knowledgeable agents and brokers will work with you to identify your needs and how they can best be addressed. Give us a call today to schedule a no-obligation personal consultation.

Commercial Insurance


Steve Jones CCIB, CIP ➡506-800-1468

Andrew Jones CAIB➡ 506-800-1457

Graham Jones BSc, CAIB➡ 506-800-1476

Jane Keating BBA, CAIB ➡ 506-800-1438

Nancy Dunfield BBA, CIP, CPIB➡ 506-800-7987

Natasha Lahanky BComm  506-800-6088 

Nick Chandler  CAIB 506-804-2865

Sheila Miller➡ 506-800-7186

Personal Insurance


Lorena Gaudet, CAIB ➡ 506-800-9363

Shelley Alward-Warren CAIB, CIP ➡ 506-804-1401

Wanda King, CIP ➡ 506-804-1410

Sam Irving  BSc, CAIB 506-804-1412

Stephanie Stoyko  BA, CAIB 506-800-8426



Laurelle Butcher➡  506-857-4051

Shelly Melanson, Bookkeeper ➡ 506-800-1469

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